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What we do

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Our reputation is built on delivering transformative workshops to individuals and teams that build connection, trust, empathy, communication, confidence and influence. Our highly skilled Shine facilitators create a safe space for people to share their stories, deepen their connectivity, find solutions, make commitments and drive action and accountability. All whilst being human.

Why are we different?

When we ask people who have experienced Shine what makes us unique, they describe the ‘Shine Secret Sauce’:

x  Delivered by compassionate yet challenging, highly qualified experts in women and gender balance.

x  A rare opportunity to take control and ownership of the whole you.

x A moment where likeminded individuals come together for a life’s journey.

x A safe space to be vulnerable, to be heard and process out loud.

x A turning point that creates long-lasting impact and makes your life better.

And we can honestly say that most people tell us Shine has changed their life.


The first step in working with Shine

With organisations, we start by gaining a deeper understanding of what the women, and the leadership team truly feel and experience, to enable us to design a programme that will have maximum impact.

We then usually run a session with the direct managers of the participants to explain the process, and also provide opportunities to consider their role as part of it. Very often these people are male, and our role is to bring them on board with the concept of gender parity and the positive impact it has on all people, and wider business growth.


Where everything lives: Shine On

Shine On is our community that brings together female rising stars in business to accelerate our collective confidence, influence and humanity. It’s free and open to anyone of any level to join, and when working with us as an individual or organisation, there are varying levels of paid membership which can provide you with premium features and benefits, such as:

x 1:1 Shine coaching

x Coaching in groups curated for you

x A mini community for your organisation

x Access to our tools whenever you need them

x  Interactive live sessions with Shine coaches

x Opportunities to create meaningful bonds with other professional women around the world

x Moments to share and celebrate your successes.


Our programmes

Every client programme is unique, but broadly based around our main product, Shine For Women – it all depends on your organisational needs and budget. We can run our programmes in-person, online or as a mixture of both. We can also run this with men as part of the process (after all, gender equality benefits everyone).

We also run programmes for individuals who often come to Shine at a time where they are ready for a change in their life, but unsure of what they want it to look like or how to get there. We work with many female entrepreneurs, who want time away from their businesses to focus on their own personal development and to find support and ideas from like-minded women. These people can attend an Open Shine programme, which is based on Shine For Women.

In this video, our Co-Founder Caroline Whaley explains what a typical Shine For Women experience is like, and the impact it has on businesses.

We deliver unrivalled impact

The experience includes an element of collective leadership where we discuss the systemic change that needs to happen within an organisation and beyond to achieve gender balance, with clear actions that follow. This has seen results for clients such as 91% of attendees more likely to ask for support in achieving their career ambitions, 95% feeling more empowered to lead equality within the business, and a 35% increase of women on the global leadership team.

“The feedback we had from the participants was the most fulsome we’ve ever seen from a programme – when participants tell you it has been life-changing that’s pretty special and we have seen that resonate in their leadership.” (CEO of an international finance client)

In this video, our client WPP and GroupM shares the impact of their award-winning Shine For Women programme (known as Walk the Talk).


Let’s chat!

If you are working as part of an organisation and would like to understand what impact Shine could have on your women and business, please contact our Managing Director, Stephanie Parry >

If you are an individual and would like to register your interest for the next Open Shine, please contact our Client Director, Emily Gifford >

To get more of a feel for who we are, what we stand for, and to connect with female rising stars around the world, we would love to welcome you to Shine On, completely for free. You can find all the information on it here >