What we do at Shine For Women

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We have worked with individuals and companies around the world and across multiple industries to achieve greater gender balance at the top. Because when we empower women and create a truly human environment, women thrive, men thrive, business thrives (and so does the world).

Our approach

In order to achieve gender equality, we believe that it is vital to work with women and men, inspiring them all to be part of the change we want to see. Many of our platforms start out by gaining a deeper understanding of what the women, the men and the leadership team truly feel and experience. 

Prior to working with the women, we will usually run a session with their direct managers to explain the process and also provide opportunities to consider their role as part of it.

In this video, Co-Founder of Shine, Caroline Whaley talks more about our overall approach at Shine, and the impact we see.


Shine For Women

The second step is to work exclusively with the senior women over two days which creates unrivalled opportunity to build an incredible network of like-minded people. This works on both an individual delegate basis (Open Shine) or as large-scale corporate events.

The workshop includes an element of collective leadership where we discuss the systemic change that needs to happen within the organisation to achieve gender balance.

In this video, our client WPP shares the impact of their award-winning Shine For Women platform (Walk the Talk).


Shine For Teams

The third step is to inspire the male population to be part of the discussion around systemic change and to decide on an action plan together with the senior women.

We measure results pre and post engagement, and will work with you to co-design with various Shine products under Shine For Women and Spice, that are the best fit to your culture and business.


Our Programmes

  • Delivers clarity, confidence and connection for female leaders, as individuals, teams or companies.
  • We challenge and coach them to build a bigger vision and plan that provides a renewed energy, commitment and focus.
  • Products within Shine For Women include: Shine for Women • Shine Online • Open Shine • Shine + • Shine & Stretch • Rise & Shine • 1:1 Coaching - and we also work with companies to co-design bespoke products for their specific needs.
  • It gives women the opportunity to step out from behind their desks and their lives and recalibrate. Participants will leave with a greater sense of what they can achieve and how they are going to do it, with renewed energy, motivation and focus.
  • Delivers honest conversations, genuine curiosity and deep empathy in all leaders, as teams or companies.
  • We challenge and coach participants to build deeply trusted, supportive and productive relationships whilst embracing everything that makes us human.
  • Products within Spice include: Spice. • Spice Online • Shine For Men • Shine & Thrive • Allies • Rise & Shine • 1:1 Coaching - and we also work with companies to co-design bespoke products for their specific needs.
  • Participants can expect increased confidence, self-belief and resilience; a powerful collective of men and women ready to support each other, hold each other to account and drive impact through the business; and deeper empathy and understanding across the team.