Here at Shine we don’t normally buy in to the idea of New Year Resolutions. It can often get quite negative – calling out all these things that we did last year that weren’t quite good enough or we never got round to. And why does everything need to suddenly be different just because we went from December to January?

But this year we feel it’s different. It’s a new decade which is an excellent point in time to consciously reflect on the past, and to use that insight to think deeply about what we want to achieve over the next ten years.

We held an event in London this week where we spent a couple of hours entering the new decade with intention, alongside some fabulous female and male leaders from a range of different industries. As we always find, investing even just a small amount of time to stop, reflect and connect with ourselves and with others can provide a tremendous amount of clarity and energy around what we truly need and want from life.

Here are a few very simple tools we used on the day which will enable you to reflect upon your own decade gone by, and your decade ahead.

Learning from the past

Close your eyes, think about the last decade of your life and spend a while answering the following questions in your head:

  • What am I really proud of having achieved?
  • What made my heart sing?
  • What or who am I truly grateful for?
  • What did I learn and what am I now going to do differently?

Think about how this exercise has made you feel. Can you identify any common themes? Consider what this means to you.

Looking ahead

 Next, repeat but ask yourself instead:

  • How do I want to feel? For example, do you want more peace? Or joy? Or compassion? Remove judgement and hear what comes up.
  • How do I want to be? Maybe you would like to be more patient, more trusting that the universe is not against you, less anxious, really brave? How do you want to be?
  • What needs to happen? Maybe you need to find a bigger role or change jobs? Find a partner or start a family? Just listen to your heart.

Don’t even think about how to do it – you have 10 years to get there. Simply, what needs to happen?

Ideally you should find someone else to work with on this, which will allow you to talk it through out loud. This is really important because saying things out loud makes them real, and once you have said how you want to feel and be and do, it will be in your conscious and your subconscious will start to take note. Listen carefully and give the person who speaks all your attention, and then let them speak and listen 100%.

Making bold moves 

We are impact junkies at Shine, but also let’s not forget you have ten years ahead of you to make things happen. It’s still really critical at this point though to consider your first steps in the right directions.

Ask yourself:

  • What could you do this year to start the process?
  • What will really move you forward and make your heart sing?
  • Who can help you achieve this?

And if you take one thing away with you over the next ten years, remember this. Have a to be list not a to do list. If you live your life according to how you want to be, doing the right things will naturally follow.

Happy New Year! x

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