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Lil Lusty

Work Street Cred

Lil spent the initial part of her career in commercial roles, before her fascination with how people dynamics affect the working environment led her to move to the world-renowned innovation consultancy ?What If!. Her speciality was in working with organisations to understand and then transform their innovation strategy and capability.

Lil’s enthusiasm for transforming organisations and individuals has the power to soften even the most hardened cynics. She’s in her element when creating meaningful experiences that set clients up for sustainable success. She is straight forward, pragmatic, collaborative and personable.  

She uses her business head and her heart in equal measure, and is most proud of being a mum, wife, sister and daughter. 

What other people say

“Lil is an outstanding facilitator. We got deep very quickly and then focused on addressing my fears with practical strategies. AMAZING!!!”

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