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FREE EVENT: The transformative power of the brain-body link, with Lara Milward.

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It’s free & open to join, and our next masterclass is a great way to kick off your year ahead.

A captivating 60 Minute Masterclass with Q&A diving into why your body is your greatest tool for how you think and feel. Delivered by Lara Milward.

Wednesday, 26/01/2022 17:00 – 18:00 GMT

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NeuroLeadership coach, Mum of 2, Earl Grey fanatic and a firm believer that “ I move therefore I think” Lara Milward will be giving us an insightful, touching and inquisitive masterclass on how the brain-body link. Discover how this concept can transform your confidence and influence. If you can mend and strengthen the relationship with your body, you can do the same with the mind and thrive. This event is the NeuroChemical bubble bath you have been craving to start 2022 with the best intentions. 

After the intense and stressful festive season, it’s your time to take 1 hr for yourself with Lara.

Lara is an experienced entrepreneur helping coach performance in leaders, teams & students both psychologically & physically. She has developed a unique learning program that harnesses individual ability to see challenge as performance fuel.

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