Danielle Bateman, Mediacom

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Danielle Bateman, board director, Mediacom

The Challenge

I am lucky enough to work at the kind of business that puts people first, so the opportunity arose to go on Shine.

I didn’t realise quite how much I needed it. For me, the challenge was to find some balance in my life. Some control. Without losing or compromising myself.

The Solution

Some pretty life changing stuff happened.

It’s hard to articulate without sounding like an evangelist, but bear with me! I spent two days with the amazing coaches Anna and Cal (+ 7 other brilliant women) and left feeling like I could take on the world. The bit inbetween; lots of challenging, coaching, thinking and designing (I advise waterproof mascara for day 2!). All resulting in me having a clear vision, knowing myself a lot better, loving myself a whole lot more and feeling a renewed sense of courage.

The Results

They say the best insights are a lightbulb moment and there was a great sense of this for me.

I worked out what my vision was, how and where I could make an impact and the strength I possessed already to get me there.  I left with a renewed energy and perspective. It was pretty powerful stuff.  It’s one of those experiences that just seeps organically into everything you do. It’s helped define the role model I want to be, the way I want to conduct myself and helped shape decisions I make across my life