Alexandra Heaton

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Alexandra Heaton

The Challenge

I wanted to follow my passion for the food industry, steer my career along a new path and go freelance.

I was delighted to be asked to join a Shine course in November 2015, which was perfect timing. For me, it was tricky to know where to start in making the jump from a salaried role to being self-employed, and I was procrastinating at making decisions to further my future – it was more comfortable not thinking about it, than facing the music and making seemingly risky decisions. Even small details seemed insurmountable – business cards, a trading name, a website, who to call first…

The Solution

On the course, we were a mixed group of women.

We each had different experiences, skills and varied goals, but together we talked and explored and learned from each other. The three days felt like a lengthy retreat from my normal headspace, and I came away with a terrific energy to propel myself and a focus on what I wanted to do and where to start.

The Results

I launched my website on the Friday after the course ended.

I just pushed the button and got on with it – I had known what I wanted all along, but I needed help to make it clear. I have continued growing my business and my client base, with the ability to really focus on what I want from my work and my goals. It’s been a full year now – a busy and successful one! – and I continue to be motivated and empowered by choice.