Boo has been with Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics for 13 years and at the moment works  as a Retailer across the UK and Ireland; supporting Lush managers in their teams and as individuals. After attending a Shine at Lyme course, she tells us why she has Michelle Obama on her fridge and believes that the only way to stay truly Shiny is to have more face to face conversations.

How did you first come to Lush?

I started working at Lush when I was was studying a degree in English – just did it as a part time job not really thinking much of it and very quickly realised that I absolutely loved the company – the ethics the products and the people that I was working with. It really aided my self development; my confidence grew, my ability to hold a conversation and to live my life effectively. I started off as a manger and then worked on various different projects.

How have you developed yourself over the years? 

I’ve worked on my self development from all sorts of different perspectives. Everything from coaching, NLP, and other quirky workshops and courses that have come about from people we worked with.  One of my favourites, because of the simplicity, is a movement called Street Wisdom; you tune in to your environment and it allows you to see the world around you with a different perspective. You really get some answers to your problems; from moving on from being stuck – just to give you an alternative perspective on life. 

How did you come to Shine and what were your expectations and experiences? 

I don’t know if I had many expectations, although I knew it was going to be focused internally; an opportunity to give me the time to reflect on things away from my work environment. I am a great believer that sometimes you just need to be able to stop and take your time out of from your life.

Although it’s an incredibly short period of time in reality, I think the way you understand yourself on a deep level doesn’t necessarily do justice to the short amount time that you’re there. I think in a very short space of time it gives you the time to pick up some serious and life-changing answers.

What are the answers that you found and how will they change things? 

Two different exercises, although simple, had the greatest impact on me; taking a step back and imagining my gremlin and looking myself with that perspective that was incredibly useful, and the ‘Walky Talky’ exercise was good. Just by moving and having an opportunity to just talk a stream of consciousness and to let things go, I think it was incredibly liberating.

The course really encouraged me to really get a balance back and to focus on me.  It let me realise what I needed, what I needed to do and how I needed to approach the work and life challenges.

At the end of it, when you walked away on that Friday, how were you feeling? 

The first word that jumps into my head is ‘relief’! Not that it was over but that I had worked out where I was!

I didn’t realise I was stuck! Finishing the course and having a completely clear knowledge of what I needed to do was amazing! I know I have full capability of making it happen and that I am fully capable of achieving of what I want to be; all I really needed was to need to admit it to myself.

I got so much from having people validate me, but also to see myself and and how others see me in a wider context; how we are perceived by others. I think a lot of the group work and the one to one conversations were fantastic to get to know each other during the Shine course. But having some sort of joint purpose and then getting some feed back specifically on that and your performance was so, so valuable.

Since you left the course, has that changed and developed?

I think that the feeling of knowing that I know what I need to do to move things forward or to change things that’s definitely stayed. It’s been very useful and powerful to remember that.

Especially at work, where I’ve had situations that have felt very much out of control or out of my comfort zone and I’ve reminded myself “Yeah actually you do know how to fix this and you do have the skills do this, so just do it and then worry about it afterwards.” 

On the final day we got some time to think about the personality or persona that we’d like to channel; my persona was Michelle Obama so I’ve got a picture of her as my lock screen on my phone and on my fridge so every time I get my milk for my tea I’m like “Yep, Michelle on my fridge!” I know it’s completely bizarre but it just works as a reminder because I look at it sometimes and think why have I got Michelle Obama on my fridge? Then I realise “Yes, channel her, that’s exactly why.” 

What was it like doing a course with people from other businesses?

I was really looking forward to meeting people from other organisations and putting a bit of a fresh perspective on things. The connections I made were great and I also got a lot from the people who were already in the organisation.

How will you stay Shiny?

I think it’s all about communication and fairness of communication. I’m incredibly passionate about the power and influence that women have and the opportunities that they are given.

I believe that it is less about women and men and more about how can we treat each other as better human beings, how can we communicate better how can we assure there’s equality and fairness for everybody regardless of gender or the gender you identify with, race, or religion.

Sometimes people aren’t kind to each other and the internet and social media doesn’t help. It doesn’t help people feel good, it allows people anonymity; to be and say things they probably wouldn’t say in real life to another human being. So we must stay Shiny by encouraging people to treat others with kindness; not writing, saying or broadcasting anything that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. 


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