Kate Munro, Facilitator, Global Product Strategy, Roche

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Kate Munro, Facilitator, Global Product Strategy, Roche

The Experience

Shine gave me the freedom to explore.

I attended Open Shine in 2018, and there’s something about being in Anna’s home and by the sea in Lyme Regis that makes it very different from other personal development experiences. Although my world is really massive at Roche, with so many like-minded people around it can also at times feel small. So it was brilliant to meet other women from diverse backgrounds at Shine – people in TV, writers, photographers – and from different parts of the world. It’s the richness, the closeness, the intimacy of the three days that’s why I’m still supported by the people I met to this day.

Life since Shine

People said to me, ‘something’s changed about you!’

I really appreciated the feedback I got from the other women. It make me look at myself in ways I’d never thought about. What are my needs, my desires? Who’s supporting me? Should I be leaning on those people or not? Shine started a journey for me. It gave me the curiosity and courage to explore new things. At the end I had three bold moves and I made them within a month! My role at Roche completely changed. I used to be in a very scientific and technical position, and now I’m in transformation, communication and engagement. I asked to lead the Women’s Group at Roche, and I speak more with purpose. My bigger game is to use my voice to make sure others are heard.

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