Richard Stokes is a Shine Leader, Executive Coach and Podcast Host, who is all about finding your ‘mojo’…

Richard has a proven track record working globally with big corporates, ambitious SMEs and motivated individuals – what they all have in common is a focus on their growth. 

He uses his +20 years of board-level business experience in the media and advertising industry (most recently with WPP) to help clients to both clarify and achieve their goals and ambitions. His style is practical, positive and results-oriented.

“Richard creates a very relaxed, open and safe space to work in. He has a way of putting you at ease and that really helps and enables you to feel free to speak, share and explore whatever you have gone to work through. I left feeling ready to make some immediate changes.”

Richard has recently launched the second series of ‘The Mojo Podcast’. Its aim is to inspire listeners to find their mojo and feel more confident to make the changes they want in life. Each week from his home in Ibiza, Richard meets a diverse group of brave and fascinating guests with amazing mojo stories to share. They reveal how they lost and regained their mojo. And how they work hard to keep their mojo right where they need it to be. Their incredible life experience becomes their valuable expertise and they’re here to share that.

You can listen and subscribe to The Mojo Podcast, here >

If you would like to work with Richard as your personal Shine Coach, please get in touch with Alice Draper: