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Making Business Human with Shari Medini, Family Mental Health expert

Shari Medini, along with her work partner Karissa Tunis, is the co-author of ‘Parenting while Working from Home’ and co-owner of the popular parenting website: Shari has years of experience in juggling a busy home life with a career in writing, marketing, coaching and working in the family mental health field. 

Anna spoke with Shari in March to hear her insight and top tips on balancing working from home with the demands of parenting. After growing tired of the negative press around parenting, Shari & Karissa started their website to provide families with strategies and coping mechanisms that enhance the enjoyment of childrearing. Shari shares some of these tactics with Anna; she discusses managing your own energy and adapting your communication to your work environment, setting boundaries with your children during work hours and creative ways to meet your children’s needs whilst remaining productive and professional at work.

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