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Making Business Human with Sereena Abbassi, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

For the finale of Season 1 of the Making Business Human podcast., Anna talks with Sereena Abbassi, an equity, inclusion & diversity consultant, researcher, facilitator, trainer & keynote speaker. Taking activism into the corporate space, Sereena Abbassi is committed to creating organisational transformation that is grounded in a deep-seated belief that all our liberations are tied to each other.
Sereena tells Anna of the power of asking personal questions at work to bring a human aspect to the professional setting. They discuss the need for better internal organisational communication; emphasis is often placed on client communication leaving managers ill-equipped with the tools to talk with their team effectively. 
With the recent shift in remote working, and through her research, Sereena observes how employees now see more benefits in working from home and believes businesses will have to carefully navigate the potential return to the office and engage their workforce in doing so. She also suggests organisations should approach diversity issues by creating safe spaces for brave conversations where individuals can share the oppressions they have felt and, in turn, educate each other.

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