At Shine we’ve often spoken about the fact that we believe women, and men, can and should energise each other by fuelling each other’s strengths to close the gender pay gap. We’re better together – and making small changes can create the more inclusive culture we all deserve.

This InternationalMensDay we have been celebrating some of the male champions for gender equality that we work with around the world, including Mark Read, Moray MacLennan, Bharat Thakrar, John Steedman, and closer to home, our very own Richard Stokes, and Chris, Jim and Ross from our sister company Upping Your Elvis.

Being a male champion for equality broadly requires five things: 

#1 Appreciate that the exclusion of women is a competitive disadvantage

#2 Engage in visible, hands on leadership of organisational equality programmes

#3 Invest time in mentoring women, and being mentored by women

#4 Support gender equality initiatives. Take shared parental leave. Work flexibly.

#5 Open up on your experiences of being a male champion, to increase awareness around gender bias

Ask yourself if there’s more you could be doing within your organisation to champion the cause and drive genuine, systemic change…

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