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I realised my inner career ambitions.

Nicola Marsh, Managing Director, Mediacom Manchester

The Challenge

Coming into shine I wanted to be clearer on what my next steps were in terms of my career.

I needed to be clear in my mind that the role I was progressing into was actually a role that I really wanted. I needed to explore what the role would look like, what it required me to do and how it required me to prepare. The step up I was looking at in the future was in my mind considerable and required me to think , behave and be different.

The Solution

Shine helped me to clarify my thinking around my future career.

I could see that progression was going to be available in the near future, I wanted to make sure that next step was right for me.  I had a number of questions including was the time right? Am I experienced enough? Am I right for that role?  I looked around at people I know that were in similar roles and was trying to understand if I could be like them.  Shine helped me turn it on its head, think about what I need to get from my next role, what I have to offer, what influences I wanted to have in my career and then work out what that role would look like. Instead of being bound by the role I had time to think about me, what I enjoy, what I am good at and how that can help the business I work in.

The Result

I have since been promoted into the role of Managing Director.

Shine helped me to work out that long term I wanted to be the MD of the company I work for. Shine has also enabled me to move into this role with a clear view on the type of MD I would like to be. Being authentic is key, I needed to know that I could take on this role and not only deliver for the business but deliver for myself on both a personal and professional level.

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