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I confidently landed a big contract.

Cathy Ricketts, Organisation Design Partner, Aviva

The Challenge

I was 18 months into a career transition when I first came to Shine.

I was moving from MD of a marketing agency, to becoming a freelance business consultant focusing on change and org design. I had left my MD role with a vision of where I wanted to focus as a freelancer, but no role to go to. It was a big risk! 12 months after leaving my role, after a period of intensive networking and re-training, in coaching and consulting, I landed my first major 6-month contract. I was an Org Design Lead on a major marketing transformation programme, for a major advertising network. This contract had just finished at the time I did the Open Shine programme. And I had to face the reality that my sales pipeline was dry, as I’d worked so intensively whilst delivering for the client in my first contract, I’d not built in enough space for generating new opportunities. In short, despite the huge successes I’d had, landing my first role in my new career, and the fact I’d made a great impact in that contract, I had nothing else meaty lined up and it was hugely impacting my confidence.

The Solution

Reflecting on the work I did during the programme, keeps me focused when I have a bit of a wobble.

It came just at the right time. It helped me get clarity as to where I wanted to go, what was holding me back, and how to overcome that in order to go get what I wanted. I refer back to the Shine programme workbook often. Reflecting on the work I did during the programme, keeps me focused when I have a bit of a wobble, or am at a bit of a career crossroads, and whenever I have a dip in confidence or clarity. It’s like my pocket personal coach!

My bigger game coming out of Shine was to help create more human, effective organisations! And in support of that, to be more focused, more single minded, not compromise on the kind of work I do just in the pursuit of money. To find my tribe and make sure my career is also fun!

The Result

Two weeks after Shine, I landed my next big contract!

I created a compelling elevator pitch, including the impact I make, in order to help me land my next contract. Which I did, 2 weeks after leaving Shine – and I’ve been in work ever since!


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