Find a cosy spot, outside is ideal to help you think big, grab a warming drink and pick up your journal or some paper…

We believe we all need reflection time to complete the past before we can create the future.  These simple exercises allow you to recalibrate and focus on personal and professional areas of development, as well as being incredibly energising and uplifting! 

Thinking about the past twelve months, ask yourself the following questions:

What have I created?
It helps to close your eyes and come from your heart rather than rattling through a list of your achievements; so try to go deeper

What did I learn?
Again, this is about you growing as a person, rather than learning a language for instance

What have I tolerated?
And is probably still bothering you

What is it time to let go of?
For good

Hopefully this reflection time gives you focus points for the areas you need to bring to a close.  You can go straight into this, or it may be good to take a few days and let your thoughts settle.

The second part of the exercise looks at creating the future you desire.

The big question: what does your ideal year ahead look like?

Consider what you want more of – and go wild!
Don’t think about how to do it yet, or what you don’t want, concentrate on the things that mean the most to you

Create a theme for the year ahead and start to jot down words or phrases, draw a picture or create a collage
For example, Anna’s is the year of ‘Wonder’

Stop and consider the different areas of your life
Such as family & friends, health & wellbeing, fun & recreation, career, personal growth & learning, love & romance and anything else of importance to you

Stay positive and open-minded
This is the beginning and what you are doing is starting to program your subconscious into creating and attracting the things you wish for

Return to this exercise throughout the year and you may surprise yourself with how well this works.

Once you feel clear in your personal vision for the year ahead, this exercise can be repeated with your partner or the whole family to create a wider, shared vision for the year ahead.

Stay Shiny!