As the world starts to move out of lockdown, and in some ways further into the unknown, we’re really interested in hearing and sharing people’s experiences of the last few months.

What have they discovered that’s stretching themselves as leaders? What have they seen in themselves that they never expected? What do they most appreciate and what will they be taking with them moving forward?

In our ‘Life Beyond Lockdown’ series, Kate Munro, who is one of our Shine Stars and a Facilitator at Roche, has been connecting with other Shine Stars from around the world. COVID19 has impacted almost everyone on the planet, and with that brings a deeply human closeness from shared challenges; regardless of work, family and geography. Listen to each episode below:

Episode 1: Priyanka Gupta, Global Client Lead, Mediacom Singapore

Priyanka talks about keeping her team motivated during these uncertain times, and embracing a new sense of spontaneity.