2021 is here!

Over the past year we have been thrown so many challenges and curveballs – individually and collectively – and this looks set to continue as the New Year kicks off with the UK entering its third lockdown, and our friends around the globe are facing similar difficult times. 

Therefore, our theme for 2021 is acceptance – of yourself, others and the world at large.

Now is the time to stop and reflect on last year’s strange and unexpected events – and how you coped in the face of adversity – and use what you learned about yourself to help you start to plan your shiny year ahead. Bring it on!

The first step is to listen to your underlying feelings and to set your intentions leading to key goals you aim to achieve during the next twelve months. Allowing yourself to accept what you can’t control will enable you to focus on what you can, which in turn will allow you to meet 2021 with renewed energy, focus and commitment. 
Keep your eye on the horizon…

At Shine, we believe that by taking time to consciously design your year ahead, you have a far higher chance of creating the one you really want – whether as an individual and/or as a team. Developing your longer-term ‘horizon’ to focus on will also help you navigate the unchartered and volatile waters that invariably lie ahead – and deal with those unexpected events that may get in your way.

How we can help you start the year positively and keep shining brightly

Shine for Teams
Consciously Creating Your 2021 as a team 

This 90 minute, fully interactive workshop aims to create a safe space for teams to have open and honest conversations and pause to reflect on last year and take the learnings forward into this year.

We do this by exploring how the team really feels, build a common language allowing for more effective communication and reflect on what behaviours will make 2021 a successful year. This workshop is about how you will BE and DO things together and thrive as a team.

Shine for You
Consciously Creating Your 2021 as an individual

Life seems more than tough right now but the good news is that you have the power to direct your life and how you tackle the situations presented by the (seemingly out-of-control) world around you with every thought, every word and every action you take.

Your mindset is a critical factor when it comes to achieving your goals: your perception is your reality. Becoming aware of self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns is one of the most profound realisations you can have. Exploring your “why” – the basis of your sense of purpose and values, and the reason for doing what you do – is a core component of developing a plan to turn your dreams into reality.  

We can help you design your personal route map to achieve your dreams in 2021 – so that you start (and end) the year on a high.