Sometimes a reset button can be just what we need, a chance to step away from our life and see the bigger picture before moving forward again with new purpose.

Looking back, our lives contain any number of exciting and pivotal events – moving schools, getting the grades, choosing a university, our first jobs, the influence of first bosses, heartbreak, family, friends moving away and new tribes founded.

Often there is a ‘Hero Moment’ thrown in, when you took a risk and shifted up a gear.  Achieving the MBA, retraining in an area you feel passionate about, setting up on your own, moving to a different area, getting the big promotion, finally cracking that essential work life balance.

So far so familiar?

But what happens if the pivotal moments stop for a while?  Or when there are a multitude of different directions to take, yet your inner compass suffers a catastrophic instrument error leaving you wondering which way to turn?

Sitting in the tranquil and comfortable surroundings of Rhode Hill House in late January, the attendees gathered for the Shine Open Course and our facilitators focussed in on what we hoped to get out of the three days ahead.

One by one the answers laid out a series of inner landscapes populated with questions about our next steps in life, all of which in were affecting our fulfilment and wellbeing at work and at home.  Do I want to continue in my job?  How can I get past the anger/apathy/confusion I’m feeling? Why does it feel like I’m on a treadmill going nowhere?  Who took all the fun away?!

Over the next few hours and days our facilitators took us through exercises following a natural flow, starting wide and gradually narrowing down to a sharp point. 

On Friday morning the course closed with feedback from the group and our ‘Bold Moves’ – concrete actions we committed to in front of everyone.

Having spent three days focussing on values, desires and goals, with one to one and peer feedback and reflection to digest the journey, the moment of revelation felt life-affirming and magical.  One person’s bold move is another’s nothing much, yet we had taken the journey together and the support in that room as each person spoke is unlike anything I’ve encountered before.

I know, I mentioned magic and you’re wondering where that came from – what other word is there to describe the unique combination of beautiful surroundings, intuitive facilitators, honest input from a range of wonderful group of women, and the self-affirmation of putting words to the innermost knowledge we all have inside and rarely explore?

We left having answered our own questions, we left with confidence, and we left armed with the knowledge that we had a tribe of strong and incredible women in our corner.

Our January ’19 Shine Open Course WhatsApp group over the past few weeks has been pinging wildly with updates and news, articles we think everyone might find interesting, great memes, stories of putting bold moves into action and words of thanks for the moments we shared, ideas for celebrating IWD 2019.  This support won’t stop any time soon, WhatsApp groups from years past still connect with each other, meeting up and giving advice and support to each other.

Wondering what your own Bold Move might be?  It’s a good question.  One step you could take right now is to decide to come to the next Shine Open Course; you’ll walk in with questions and you’ll walk out feeling you can rock your world.

It may turn out to be your very own ‘hero moment’…

Shine run Open Courses throughout the year, for more information contact