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The Challenge

“We had an opportunity to ‘walk the talk’.”

We started working with this advertising holding company and its agencies in 2016 when they decided to invest in their mid-senior level women, a significant number of whom were dropping out of the system and not reaching the top. By building confidence, clarity and connection with these women during regional Shine For Women (or Walk the Talk as it is known internally) programmes, and consistently delivering this year-on-year, an award-winning movement has been created and to date, 4,000 women have stepped up to play a bigger game.

The Impact on Individual women...

“I realised my inner career ambitions.”

✔️ Clarity on their professional & personal goals – 94% say it’s helped them develop a bigger vision for themselves

✔️ Boosted confidence in their ability

✔️ Deep connections to other women around the organisation – 97% found value in this

✔️ Renewed energy for their career

✔️ Greater impact when asking for what they truly need and want in order to progress – 91% will ask for help to get to the top

✔️ A sense of individual responsibility for reaching equality – 95% feel more empowered to lead change

✔️ A common language to use when bringing others into the importance of gender parity

✔️ Emotional investment in the company culture

✔️ 96% would recommend the Shine For Women experience to others in the business

...Leads to impact on the organisation

A movement for senior women to enable them to feel confident to drive their careers forward.

10% increase in the number of junior women joining the business

52% of senior managers globally are women

Women on the board has increased to 43% (up from 27% in 2018)

In 2021 the average pay gap decreased from 24.6% to 22.2%

69% of companies within the group improved their average gender pay gap in 2021

Named in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the last 4 years

Ranked 10th in the Hampton-Alexander FTSE 100 Ranking for Women Leaders

6th in the Equileap Top 100 Companies for Gender Equality globally

8th in the UK FTSE Women Leaders Review

83% of female employees believe the company is committed to creating an inclusive work culture.

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