A meaningful way to end 2020

What better way to end the year than bringing your team together to take a big deep breath, show some appreciation as 2020 comes to a close, and start looking forward a bright future in 2021.

Through our Seasonal Workshops, we can provide you with a meaningful alternative to this year’s Xmas parties. During these fun and interactive sessions we focus on:

Finding the tinsel – Complete an extraordinary year. Who have you grown into as an individual and as a team in 2020?

Gift giving – Sharing gratitude and appreciation for one and all!

Your festive wish list – Set intentions for yourself, your team, the business and world at large.

The logistics

This workshop is 90 minutes and is delivered via Zoom – you can have up to 100 participants.

Expected results

• Deeper empathy and connection across the team

• Enhanced positivity and team engagement

• Increased confidence, self-belief and resilience as a team

• Levity and energy for everyone.

“It was exactly what was needed, a chance to put things in perspective. The content was spot on and gave me a chance to connect with others in my team on a deeper level. The overall experience was fantastic!”

Shine participant, USA