We recently revamped our branding to coincide with the launch of our new membership platform, Shine On, working with independent communications consultancy, The Wern.

Our Digital Creator Jade spoke with their Creative Director Hadrien, about the process and what it means to work with brands with purpose.

How do you usually plan to bring an organisation like Shine’s vision to life? 

There’s no secret! It’s all about listening, asking as many questions as possible and researching about the organisation, their market and their social environment. This way you can extract the gold, the unique point of difference that will create the strongest connection between them and their audience.

As a fellow creative I want my work to have a lasting impact on anyone who comes into contact with it, how do you ensure this? 

Whatever the business you are in we are all in the business of relationships,  and like any relationship to ensure health and longevity you need to think of, and look after your partner. Ask yourself what do they expect from me or what can I do for them? It’s all about understanding your audience and showing up to them in an honest and human way.

What keeps you dedicated to helping organisations like Shine bring their vision to life? 

Meeting inspiring people and organisations like Shine, for me, is what matters. Money and profit has never been a goal, it’s good work, seeing amazing results, and helping organisations to fly – that’s my goal. Money is only a consequence.

What did you find most difficult about bringing the Shine vision to life? 

Weirdly, I didn’t find it difficult, all the emotions and purpose was there, I could picture it really quickly. The work of Caroline and Anna was extremely inspiring. It was just a matter of giving it a visual representation.

How have to managed to stay creative and inspired in a year like 2020? 

2020 was definitely hard on creativity. I would normally get inspiration from being outside of my home; seeing exhibitions and meeting eccentric people – but during lockdown my work kept me creative and also planning the next chapter for The Wern in 2021, with Lucy, my partner in crime.

For more information about The Wern and the work they do for businesses like Shine, check out their website or follow them on Instagram @wernchat