The most successful organisations have an equal balance of men and women at the top.  Does yours?

The question is not why, but why wouldn’t you?

More Women: Better Business.  The ROI is unequivocal.

Increased profits, rising share prices, creative excellence and sharper team performance are the result of gender equality.

So, we exist to see more women reach the top and more organisations thriving as a result.  Ultimately, it’s better for the economy, better for leaps in social, technological and scientific development and a blueprint for the next generation.

The question is no longer why, but why wouldn’t you?



Gender Equality Uncovered

Gender Equality Uncovered

  • 6% increase in net profits where 30% of the C-suite are female
  • $12T global GDP increase through advancing workforce equality
  • 70% of women reporting to senior women choose to stay