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Making business more human...

and the world around us.

Via transformative programmes, we coach and challenge senior leaders to build a bigger vision and plan that gives them renewed energy, commitment and focus, all whilst embracing everything that makes us human.


Our heritage is in empowering women so we can reach gender parity.


Since 2013, over 10,000 people of 75 nationalities have experienced Shine, and every Shine Star is out there creating the transformation they want to see; however, it’s still expected to take around 100 years to close the gender gap (WEF, 2020). We believe it’s time to accelerate change.

How we get there is really quite simple.


It’s more than infrastructure and policy. It’s deeper than campaigns and initiatives. And it transcends current D&I thinking. At its core, it’s just about being human.

When we empower women and create a truly human environment, women thrive, men thrive, business thrives (and so does the world).