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Can you confidently say...

...there is gender parity within your senior team?

Via virtual and in-person programmes, we coach and challenge women around the world to feel confident and empowered. This enables them to play a bigger game and have a direct and positive impact on the system around them.

Our approach of embracing everything that makes us human, is proven to ignite lives and businesses from within.


We believe that when we empower  women and create a truly human environment, women thrive, people thrive, business thrives.

For the last eight years we have worked with thousands of individuals and organisations around the world to tackle diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging beyond lip service or box-ticking. Our specialism is working with women, and increasingly we apply our expertise to all genders – after all, gender equality is proven to benefit everyone.

Our heritage is in working with women, to reach gender parity.

Shine For Women (our official name!) was founded by Anna Baréz-Brown and Cal Whaley in 2013. Both had had successful careers in senior corporate roles and were qualified coaches. They wanted to use their experience to have a more meaningful and long-lasting impact on the lives of others, particularly women, who to this day are still impacted by the gender gap.

They understand the challenges that female rising stars in business have, because they’ve been there, and have the battle scars to prove it!


What now? Inequality and lack of inclusion is far from fixed, but we know what needs to happen:

COVID has had a particularly unprecedented impact on women all over the world. Even as early on as May 2020, it was estimated that 78% of those who had already lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic were women (PWC 2020). Add in months and months without childcare, a higher unemployment rate for females and lower rates of recruitment, and we are facing another major setback to gender equity.

We believe that with the right support, COVID can be a catalyst for positive change, seeing women not as victims of this setback, but the designers of their futures. But we need to act fast, to take advantage of the situation.

Women are looking for ways to get more confident on the inside, to be more influential on the outside.

Our research finds that women in all stages of their careers are specifically experiencing a crisis of confidence right now. Months of working remotely in isolation, the uncertainty of future ways of working, plus the pressure to remain resilient and ‘in control’ has taken its toll and they are looking for new ways to make an impact on the world around them.

So how do we empower them to make change happen?